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It’s a double-edge sword, isn’t it?

As the world of communication gets ever better and faster, it opens up awesome opportunities to gain knowledge and enrich our lives, to an extent thought impossible a few years ago.

But the bad news is the sheer amount of information you have to deal with on a daily basis has increased exponentially.

So – if you are still reading the way you were taught at school you are in BIG TROUBLE.

Because you will NEVER EVER be able to keep up with the torrent of emails … instant messages … memos … cell phone texts … and all the memos, reports and other required reading you have to do for your job.

And, it’s no fun to watch others, no more intelligent than you, making bigger salaries and getting the promotions you should have – simply because they seem to be able to cope with all that reading.

But there’s a great deal of truth in the expression ‘Leaders are readers’.

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The One Thing You MUST Avoid When Reading

Secret N________ Reading Method Revealed

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